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Social Science

Our Vision
The George Washington High School Social Science Department is committed to helping students become inquisitive, multifaceted and independent thinkers by engaging them in the anaysis of historical, political, economic, legal, geographic, social and cultural scope of the world.  Social Science teachers at Washington High School understand the importance of leadership in this changing world.  Students will be expected to master computer skills, research databases and incorporate both in daily homework assignments, papers and projects.
Our Mission
  • To foster an understanding of the processes which are critical to solving complex problems, and to engage students in the regular practice of these problem solving skills.
  • To promote knowledge of the core content of historical, political, economic, legal and social issues of our world, our nation and our community
  • To help students see the world from different perspectives - those of the historian, the geographer, the economist, the political scientist, the psychologist, the lawyer and employ the different tools and techniques of each discipline in critical thought.
  • To guide our diverse student population in realizing their potential as citizens of a democratic nation and members of our local community