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Visitor and Volunteer Information


CPS has a protocol for anyone in the building speaking to or engaging with students.
In order to be in a classroom, be a chaperone for a day trip within the city of Chicago, speak to a class, tutor/mentor, you must fill out a Level II volunteer form through the CPS Volunteer website. This takes a minimum of 72 hours for the volunteer to receive clearance once all the steps have been completed. 

In order to be a volunteer coach, chaperone students on an overnight trip or a trip outside of the city, you must follow the steps to become a Level I volunteer. Level I volunteers will need to complete a background check and a TB test as a part of the Level I volunteer protocol, which could make the clearance process take longer. 

STEP 1: Please use this link to visit the CPS Volunteer website and begin by creating a profile. Make sure you enter the correct level of clearance you are seeking (Level I or II, explained above). You can add several schools to your profile if you are interested in volunteering at multiple schools in one school year. 
STEP 2: You will receive next steps on what to do via email depending on our level of clearance (Level I or II). 
STEP 3: Once the application has been completed,  please send an email to [email protected] and copy the teacher/staff member you are working with if applicable.
Please include the following in your email:
  1. Your full name
  2. Level of volunteer I or II
  3. In what capacity you will be volunteering (chaperone, coach, guest speaker, etc)
  4. A copy of your current ID
STEP 4: Once all steps have been completed, CPS will send you a final email to confirm the status of your application to confirm whether you have or have not been approved to volunteer. 
Please direct all questions or concerns about the status of your application to the CPS Volunteer Offices at [email protected] or call 773-553-1544.