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Library Policies

Library Policies
•Students may use the library to research, study or read quietly before school, during their lunch, or after school.
•During lunch students may come and go only during designated passing times for organizational purposes and to keep the halls clear.
•Only lunch students with a pass from a teacher may enter and leave outside the given times. Teachers, please write your students passes if requesting to see them at lunch!
•Computers/printers are not available during transition times.
•Students not accompanied by a teacher are not permitted in the library during their class time.
•Classes cannot be in the computers labs with a substitute.
•Library materials are checked out for 2 weeks. Students may renew as needed.
•There are no late fines. Students will receive overdue notices and borrowing privileges will be suspended until books are returned. Fees for lost books will be charged.
•Printing: .10¢/page for B&W and .25¢/page for color
•Photocopy: .10¢/page